Patient education

Communications between dentist and patient have never been more important. We recognize that increasingly our patients wish to find out more about preventative oral health care and talk about treatment options. We are happy to spend time with you discussing the simple, yet important, things we often take for granted, like proper brushing and flossing techniques. There might be other occasions when our new intra-oral camera and overhead screen will help us to show you potential problem areas. We also have informative mouth models and lots of leaflets to explain the various dental procedures and treatment options. Furthermore we use Clinical Information Centre (CiC) which is a computer-based program designed to be used chair-side to help you explain dentistry. This tool enables us to interact at a level of complexity suitable for each individual patient so that you understand treatment proposals.

“A picture paints a thousand words” and CiC uses high quality 3D animations, information leaflets and clinical photographs to make this process fast and effective.

Emergency out-of-hours cover

For out of hour emergency, please call NHS on 111

Details of these and other (eg. holiday) emergency arrangements are left on our answer-phone every evening and at weekends.


Please find our prices below, which are given as a guide only. All treatment is tailored to the individuals needs and therefore an itemized estimate is given prior to the commencement of a course of treatment. Payment can be made either at the start of the treatment or at each visit.

Private Patients

Description Price
New patient exam £30
Recall Examination £25.00
Small X- Rays ( Per digital x-ray) £16.53
Hygienist appointment (30 minutes) £58
Amalgam fillings (Starts from) £82
White fillings (Starts from) £90
Fissure sealing (Per Tooth) £20
Root Canal Incisors & canines (Starts from) £180
Root Canal Premolars (Starts from) £280
Root Canal Molars (Starts from) £380
Simple Extraction (Starts from) £85
Surgical Extraction (Starts from) £160
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Starts from) £170
Gold Crown (Starts from) £395
Porcelain Bonded Crown (Starts from) £495
All Ceramic Crown (Starts from) £695
Porcelain veneer per tooth (Starts from) £450
Recement Crown/Veneer (Starts from) £45
Emergency temporary Crown (Starts from) £60
Bridge Unit (Starts from) £450
Dental Implant including crown (Starts from) £1,950
Flexible Dentures Per Acrh £750
Flexible Dentures cobalt chrome Per Acrh £850
Full Upper & Lower Dentures £900
Partial Chrome Cobalt Based (Each) £680
Partial Acrylic Based (Each) £550
Tooth Addition £74
Teeth Whitening (Home Kit) £295
Botox Per Area £200
Fillers Per 1ml (Starts from) £300
Medical Microdermabrasion (Each) £750
6 Months Smile 1 Arch £2000
6 Months Smile Both Arch £3250

Note: Please be aware that these prices are rough guides and can vary with individual patient and cases. Please call the surgery to arrange a consultation appointment for a more specific price information. Dental treatments are bespoke, so a list of every treatment available would run to thousands and would be confusing. Only the most familiar treatments are listed above. If you are interested in a treatment that you do not see listed please ask give us a call on 01702553106.

Terms of Payment

Please note that we accept payment by cash, cheque or by credit and debit cards on the day of treatment or in pre-arranged installments for larger courses of treatment.

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Hadleigh Dental & Cosmetics Centre

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Contact Us:

01702 553 106


Emergencies outside our normal opening hours: please call NHS on 111



279 London Road

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Opening hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00am - 6:00pm

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